Eastern Penn Mushroomers

What should I bring to a mushroom foray?

Mushroom forays can be a walk in the park or a hike in dense woods over challenging terrain. No one regrets good preparation. Make sure to have appropriate hiking boots and outer ware. Breathable and waterproof gear is a real plus. Always bring the insect (tick) repellent you feel works best. Mushroom hunters carry baskets to support and protect specimens which are often quite delicate. A knife is used to cut the stalk or stipe. A soft brush is used to remove dirt and debris from specimens. Waxed paper or paper (not plastic) lunch bags are used to separate different specimens from each other in the basket. A walking stick is always recommended. Forays can be in remote areas without facilities, so a pack containing personal and first aid items is a good idea. With hot weather and steep terrain, you will need to carry fluids. Following your foray, a snack or sandwich in a cooler will keep your energy up for what is perhaps the most important thing you should bring to a mushroom foray, the desire to participate actively in the identification of the specimens that have been found. The identification process is the work aspect of every foray. The knowledge gained by participating in this process is its own reward. Identifications are made with the help of various mushroom identification books. The club has a lending resource for new members, but members should plan to acquire their own identification books over time. 
Bring these things along as you join us in the woods.